Steven Tunnicliffe

“Undertaking the transformation of a Procurement function requires investment in people to upskill and enable them. Having attended one of ATN’s Advanced Negotiation courses earlier in my career, and then later as a panellist while at Babcock International Group, I engaged ATN to deliver the same training to my team as part of their professional development.

The course itself was very well received both in terms of the content and the actual delivery of the material, it was engaging and delivered the result I was hoping for. The team now is using their new skills not just to more effectively challenge and negotiate with suppliers but it has given them a new set of skills that are applicable throughout their working lives. In short they are more confident in their presentation, they plan meetings more effectively and ultimately have formed closer working relationships with each other allowing them to perform more effectively as a team.

Yes the course delivered in terms of developing the teams negotiating skills and it did it by allowing the individuals to understand themselves more deeply and how they can use their own style to achieve better results.”